2 Donovan Mitchell trades to Kickstart Utah’s rebuild

After 5+ successful regular seasons, the Jazz decided to shake up their core and trade arguably their best player Rudy Gobert for 5 players and 5 draft picks. This is likely due to their disappointing playoff runs over the past several years, only making it to the second round when expectations were much higher.

After the trade above, the current position depth chart for the Jazz is listed below. (Two-Way contracts left out)

At first glance, this trade screams that the Jazz are going into a rebuild. Trading one of their top players for solid starters, young assets, and draft picks. However, this team still has several veteran assets like Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Rudy Gay that would likely not be interested in a rebuild.

Donovan Mitchell remaining on the roster gives those veterans hope they still could be competing for playoff spot next year but recent reports show he may be dealt this off-season. It has been reported the Jazz front office is now listening for trades for their star shooting guard who averaged 25.9 points, 5.2 assists, and 4.2 rebounds last season.

This leaves the Utah Jazz’s future in an awkward spot, deciding if they want to tank next season and trade their veteran assets or stick to their guns and compete. Unfortunately for Jazz fans, the glaring answer is to rebuild.

The Jazz have been regular season heroes for several years but lacked the bench depth and chemistry to put it all together. With Gobert gone, the Jazz have even less star power than they did last season. It is time to blow it up and rebuild.

Donovan goes to South Beach

The Heat looked like they were one piece away from going to finals last season, Donovan could be their missing piece. Lacking offensive firepower in their last playoff series with the Celtics, the Jazz could dangle Donovan’s scoring for their young assets.

Tyler would assume a big role on the Jazz, building off his 6th man of the year performance from last season. He has been looking for a bigger role and the Heat may not be in a position to give it to him with their current roster packed with talent.

Duncan Robinson received little to no playing time in most playoff games with the Heat last season. This is largely due to his perimeter defense, becoming a liability if switched onto an elite scoring wing. Despite his average defense, Duncan is deadly from deep shooting 40.6% from deep in his career.

Ömer Yurtseven would simply help beef up the Jazz frontcourt, due to the loss of Gobert. Ömer is a consistent rebounder and a solid finisher around the basket. He doesn’t space the floor from 3 but has proven to hit the mid-range jumper consistently.

The Raptors want to win now

The raptors are packed with elite wing defenders but little guard scoring/playmaking. The Raptors struggled to score last season when Fred Vanfleet was injured, Donovan will give them much needed scoring and relief some pressure off their all-star point guard.

OG Anunoby is an incredibly athletic 3 & D wing that is getting better every year on the offensive end. OG is known for his phenomenal defense and his ability to move effectively without the ball. He is without a doubt a future DPOY finalist and would make up for some of the defense lost by losing Gobert.

Gary Trent Jr. is another 3 & D player but does not have as much athleticism and length as OG does. Gary would bring some offensive firepower back to Utah, averaging 18.3 points last season for the Raptors. At only 23 years old, Gary is another guard that has gotten exponentially better ever year.


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