What we are.

We are a sports blog who are making an effort to provide coverage and support discussion around smaller market teams in the NBA. Some of the most exciting parts of the NBA happen in small-market teams that don’t get proper coverage, we are looking to break down that barrier and give these teams, players, coaches, and fans their limelight.

Who we are.

We are two friends who have known each other forever. Our names are Dylan Echtenkamp and Sam Ash, graduating from Mankato State University and the University of Minnesota respectively. Both of us are die-hard Timberwolves fans, who soak up any and all Wolves content. After years of always feeling like we were never getting enough coverage, we decided we would try to be the ones to get the ball rolling on giving these underappreciated teams, like the Wolves, their platform.

Our goal.

HoopsResource is striving to be a place that creates discussion and emphasizes the talent of small-market teams. We hope to be that voice for the underlooked.