Every NBA Team Pre-Draft Needs 2022

With the NBA draft lurking in the nearby future after the conclusion of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. We look at the predraft needs, notable free agents, and optimal draft selections for each team. Check out your favorite team in an interlink below!

Atlanta Hawks – Back-up Point Guard

 16th and 44th picks

The Hawks have both of their back-up point guards Lou Williams and Delon Wright entering free agency this off-season. The Hawk’s should do everything in their power to re-sign Delon Wright due to his ability to energize the second unit on the defensive end. Lou Williams went back in forth on retirement from the NBA last season but has recently said he is keeping his options open and has not officially retired. If Lou does comes back for another season, it will likely we be with a team that is ready to contend now.

Atlanta should use their 1st round pick to add another playmaker to their roster. If the Hawks want to beat teams like Miami in the playoffs, they need to be able to deploy multiple playmakers that can supplement Trae young on offense. Miami bombarded Trae Young with multiple defenders on defense, the Hawks could have used another playmaker to break down the Heat’s chaotic defense.

Best Draft Pick for the Hawks: Tyty Washington 6’3 (6’8 wingspan) PG/SG

Strengths: Good with and without the ball, excellent touch around the basket, shot creator

Weaknesses: Undersized if tasked to guard NBA SG’s, can be passive in big games

Boston Celtics – Forward Depth

56th pick 

The 2022 finals runner up’s have nearly their entire team returning for next season, the Celtics only free agents are end of bench pieces. If Steph Curry did not exist, they likely would of been 2022 finals champions. They will be back with the same goal next year with an entire playoffs experience under their belts. The Celtics will use their late second round pick as a stash and save for the future.

Best Draft Pick for the Celtics: Gabe Brown 6’8 (7’0 Wingspan) SF

Strengths: Great shooter and Defender, athletic, NBA 3&D wing potential

Weaknesses: Struggles to create his own shot, rebounding

Brooklyn Nets – Rim Protection 

No picks

The Net’s have their entire big man arsenal up for free agency this off-season. Something the Net’s struggled with last season was defense. The Net’s are likely to re-sign Nic Claxton but should look for a defensive minded center in free agency to take some defensive pressure off Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Charlotte Hornets – Starting Center

13th, 15th, and 45th picks 

Miles Bridges enters free agency this off-season as the Hornet’s most notable free agent. Miles led this team in scoring with 20.2 points per game last season and is considered one of this off-season’s top free agents. Several teams could use Mile’s talents, the Hornets may have their hands full trying to retain the slashing forward.

The Hornets should look to draft a big man in the upcoming 2022 NBA draft. Charlotte should not be relying on Miles Plumlee to give them consistent starter minutes. The Hornets should use one of their 1st round picks to draft a big man that can help them win now and build chemistry with Lamelo Ball.

Best Draft Pick for the Hornets: Mark Williams 7’0 (7’7 Wingspan)

Strengths: Rim protection, Rebounding, Finishing

Weaknesses: No 3 point shot, cannot space the floor

Chicago Bulls – Perimeter Shooting/Defense

18th pick

Zach Lavine is the Bulls most notable free agent entering the 2022 NBA off-season. It is projected that Zach will ultimately re-sign with the Bulls as they can offer him the most money. The Bulls would lose a significant amount of their scoring if they fail to re-sign Zach who averaged 24.4 points last season.

The Bulls need help on the defensive end and 3-point shooting. Chicago ranked 9th in 3 point percentage but ranked 28th in points per game coming from 3 pointers. In a league is currently defined by 3&D, the Bulls drastically need to improve both aspects in order to become a contender.

Best Draft Pick for the Bulls: Malaki Branham 6’5 (6’10 Wingspan) SG/SF

Strengths: Catch and shoot, Finishing

Weaknesses: Struggles to create his own shot off the dribble

Cleveland Cavaliers – Guard Depth

14th, 39th, and 56th picks

The most notable free agent this off-season for the Cavaliers is Collin Sexton. After missing most of the 21-22 season due to a torn meniscus, Cleveland needs to make decision on if they want to re-sign the Alabama point guard. Click here to see if Cleveland should re-sign Collin Sexton.

The Cavaliers need to get Darius Garland some help. Darius played a whopping 35.7 minutes per game last season(6th in NBA) and need to get him some help to avoid wear and tear on the young point guard.

Best Draft Pick for the Cavaliers: Tyty Washington Jr. 6’2 (6’8 Wingspan) PG/SG

Strengths: Good with and without the ball, excellent touch around the basket, shot creator

Weaknesses: Undersized if tasked to guard NBA SG’s, can be passive in big games

Dallas Mavericks – Defense

26th pick

The only notable free agent for Dallas this off season is Jalen Brunson. Jalen was a key part in Dallas’s success last season averaging 16.3 points, 4.8 assists, and 3.9 rebounds. The combo guard will likely be asking for starting guard money after proving him self more than worthy in playoffs. Click here to check out 2 off-season keys for the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks should use their late first round pick to pick up a solid defender. Dallas could of used a reliable shot blocker against the Warriors to take some pressure off of Luka Dončić on the defensive end.

Best pick for the Mavericks: Walker Kessler 7’1 (7’4 Wingspan) C

Strengths: Rim protection (Averaged 4.2 blocks per game for Auburn),

Weaknesses: Needs to improve outside shot

Denver Nuggets – Bench Scoring/3 point specialist

21st and 30th picks

Demarcus Cousins and Austin Rivers are the most notable Nuggets free agents this off-season. Both players are likely on the back end of their careers, looking to contend now. The Nuggets should of no problem signing either of those players on a minimum contract if they choose to stay.

Jokic is a once-in-a-lifetime player and the Nuggets need to build a team around him ASAP. Jamal Murray and MPJ are solid pieces if they can stay healthy. Michael Porter Jr’s back injuries resurfacing again is disheartening to hear but if everything goes to plan he should be back next season. With Jamal and hopefully MPJ back, their 3 point scoring should be solid, but they could definitely benefit from a Buddy Hield/Joe Harris/Malik Beasley(ironically) type player that would give them consistent 3 point volume shooting.

Best Draft Pick for the Nuggets: Kendall Brown 6’7 (6’11 Wingspan) SF

Strengths: Can guard multiple positions on defense, good 3 point shooter, Strong finisher at the rim

Weaknesses: Raw prospect

Detroit Pistons – Center + Perimeter shooting

5th and 46th picks

The most notable free agent for the Detroit Pistons is Marvin Bagley. Marvin was added in the second half of the season and made a big impact the moment he arrived, averaging 14.6 points and 6.8 rebounds during his 18 game stint with the Pistons. Detroit should be looking to re-sign the big man this off-season. Click here for 2 keys to a successful Pistons off-season

The Pistons should use their first round pick to add another guard that can build chemistry with Cade. The Pistons need a floor general with experience that can space the floor.

Best draft pick: Shaedon Sharpe 6’5 (6’11 Wingspan) SG

Strengths: Athletic, strong frame, strong finisher at the basket, knack for scoring the basketball

Weaknesses: Unproven at the college/g-league level, raw talent

Golden State Warriors – Big Man Depth

28th, 51st, and 55th picks

The most notable free agent for the 2022 NBA champions is Kevin Loony. He was in and out of the starting lineup throughout the entire playoffs but played a significant role in their success. Kevin averaged 6 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 2 assists on a championship team, the Warriors will likely have a hard time retaining Kevin over free agency.

Houston Rockets – Everything

3rd, 17th, and 26th picks

The only notable free agent for Houston ending the 2022 season is Dennis Schröder, who was acquired from the Celtics just before the trade deadline. Dennis will likely not re-sign with the rockets and will seek a team that is looking to make a playoff run.

The Rockets arguably have the easiest pick in the draft at #3, taking whoever is left of Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, and Paolo Banchero. Houston recently traded away their starting big man for the 26th pick and several role players, foreshadowing the Rockets taking at least one big man in the 2022 draft. The Rockets need help in every category, they will nail the draft simply by taking the best available talent at every pick.

Best Draft Pick for the Rockets: Paolo Banchero, 6’10 playmaker with star potential

Strengths: Elite scorer, Good size for his position, Catch and shoot threat, NBA ready

Weakness: Rim Protection, perimeter defense, will likely have to play center against small-ball lineups

Indiana Pacers – Wings

6th, 31st, and 58th picks

After not playing the entire 21-22 season due to a foot injury, the Pacer’s need to decide if they want to re-sign free agent T.J. Warren. The Pacer’s recently traded their former star power forward Domantas Sabonis for the promising young guard Tyrese Haliburton, hinting at rebuild in Indiana. Now 29 years old, T.J. will likely not be interested in rebuilding with the final years of prime.

This draft is huge for the Indiana Pacers, entering their first of their rebuild with 3 draft picks. If the Pacers do not re-sign T.J., they will be extra thin forward position. The Pacer’s should look to draft several forwards and potentially a guard depending on if they want to trade Malcom. Click here to check out 2 trades that kickstart the Pacer’s rebuild

Best Draft Pick for the Pacers: A.J. Griffin, 6’6, SF

Strengths: Excellent 3-point shooter and Athletic-large frame

Weaknesses: Lacks quickness to guard the leagues top wings

Los Angeles Clippers – Playmaker/Point Guard? 

43rd pick

The Clippers are mostly all set for next season, retaining most of their core players from last season. With the resurgence of Kawhi Leonard next season, it’s difficult to tell if the Clipper’s should re-sign Nicolas Batum who played a significant role last year. The Clippers also need to decide if they want to re-sign big men Isaiah Hartenstein and Ivica Zubac. The Clipper’s will likely retain Batum out of the three free agents due to his defensive flexibility and floor spacing shooting.

The Clippers only have one 2nd round pick in the upcoming 2022 draft, they should use it to add a playmaker. Reggie Jackson is the only true point guard on the Clipper’s roster, they should look to use their 43rd pick on a playmaking point guard to add to their 2nd unit.

Best Draft Pick for the Clippers: Kennedy Chandler 6’0 (6’5 Wingspan), PG

Strengths: Can space the floor, Explosive first step, Chaotic defender

Weaknesses: Small frame, poor free throw shooter

Los Angeles Lakers – Perimeter shooting

No picks

The most notable free agent the Laker’s should consider re-signing this off-season is Malik Monk. Malik was one of the things that went right in a disappointing 21-22 season for the Lakers. Malik averaged 13.8 points, 2.2 assists, and 3.4 rebounds, he will likely be asking for a significant contract but the Laker’s win now attitude may persuade him to stay for a little less than his worth.

The Laker’s will have to look to the free agent market to address their team needs this off-season because they have no picks in the upcoming 2022 NBA draft.

Memphis Grizzlies – Bench Scoring Option

22nd, 29th, and 47th picks 

Tyus Jones is the most notable free agent for the Grizzlies this off-season. The floor general is infamous for his high offensive IQ, leading the league with the highest assist to turnover ratio for consecutive years. Tyus will likely be looking for a hefty contract, potentially out of the range the Grizzlies are willing to pay for the Duke point guard.

With 2 first late round picks, the grizzlies are looking for a scoring option that can get playoff minutes. With Tyus Jones departure lurking in the background, the Grizzlies could really use a scoring punch off the bench. Something like what the Nuggets got out of Bones Hyland this year. 

Best Draft Pick for the Clippers: Kennedy Chandler 6’0 (6’5 Wingspan), PG

Strengths: Can space the floor, Explosive first step, Chaotic defender

Weaknesses: Small frame, poor free throw shooter

Miami Heat – 3&D Bench Player

27th pick

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Miami Heat are P.J. Tucker and Victor Oladipo. P.J. Tucker showed his worth in the 2022 playoffs and proved to be a vital piece of the Miami Heat roster. He has a player option on his contract. P.J. will opt out of his player option, according to Shams

The Heat should be doing everything in their power to retain Tucker. Unlike P.J., Oladipo is a bit more dispensable. Oladipo will explore his options and the Heat should let him and resign him on a Vet Minimum if he decides to return.

With one late first-round pick, the Heat’s pre-draft needs are a role player coming off the bench. One role player that the Heat bench could use is someone who plays defense. They have no shortage of defensive talent in their starting lineup, but the bench unit is primarily made up of scoring options. So a defensive 3nD wing/forward could benefit the Eastern Conference Finals runner-ups.

Best Draft Picks for the Heat: Kendall Brown, 6’7 (6’11 Wingspan)

Strengths: Athletic wing, outstanding defender, emerging as an offensive rim crasher

Weakness: Inefficient shooter, has potential to fix.

Milwaukee Bucks – Bench scoring option

24th pick

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Milwaukee Bucks are Bobby Portis, Wesley Matthews, and Pat Connaughton. All three players were solid contributors to the Bucks’ 2021 season. The Bucks should make an attempt at resigning each player in the 2022 free agency

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With one late first-round pick, the Bucks’ pre-draft needs are a bench scoring option. Think of Jordan Clarkson, Tyler Herro, and Jordan Poole. All players provide a scoring punch off the bench and can create their own shot. With no significant scorer off the bench, the Bucks ranked 28th in points scored off the bench in 2021. https://www.statmuse.com/nba/ask/what-nba-team-has-the-highest-scoring-bench-in-the-2022-season

Best Draft Picks for the Bucks: Jaden Hardy, 6-5, Crafty shooter and finisher.

Strengths: Can score at all 3 levels, can create his own shot, solid production

Weakness: Lackluster G-League performance, could take awhile to adjust to NBA speed

Minnesota Timberwolves – Rebounding

19th, 40th, 48th, and 50th picks

A Notable free agent in 2022 for the Minnesota Timberwolves is Taurean Prince. Taurean Prince is a toss-up decision for the Timberwolves. He was a solid 3&D player for the Wolves and really caught his stride in the second half of the season. His contract extension requirements might be too rich for the Wolves.

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With one mid-to-late round pick and three second-round picks, the Timberwolves have a lot of flexibility in this draft. The Timberwolves’ predraft needs are a rebounding big who can pair alongside Karl Anthony-Towns or come off the bench. The Timberwolves ranked 25th in defensive rebounds this previous year. With a lot of coveted big men going in the lottery, the Timberwolves will need to use their surplus of picks to trade up into the 10th pick range.

Best Draft Pick for the Timberwolves: Mark Williams, 7’0 (7’7 wingspan)

Strengths: Athletic Big, Rim Protector, Big body

Weakness: No shooting range at the moment, can’t create his own shot in the post, has conditioning and stamina questions

New Orleans Pelicans – 3 Point shooting

8th, 41st, and 52nd picks

Notable free agents in 2022 for the New Orleans Pelicans are nonexistent. The Pelicans are looking to run it back with their roster in 2021 with Tony Snell being the only semi-notable free agent in 2022.

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With one early first-round pick and two second-round picks, the Pelicans are looking to fill holes in their roster. The Pelicans’ predraft needs are 3-point shooting. Ranking 27th in 3pt% and 30th in points made from 3-pointers per game, they desperately need 3-point scoring in 2022. With the 8th pick in the draft, they can definitely address this hole.

Best Draft Pick for the Pelicans: A.J. Griffin, 6’5, Shooting guard

Strengths: 3-point shooting (44%), crafty around the rim, very young (18)

Weakness: Still very raw, needs to develop defensively

New York Knicks – Playmaker or Center 

11th and 42nd picks

Notable free agents in 2022 for the New York Knicks are Mitchell Robinson by his lonesome. The starting center for the Knicks averaged 8 points, 8 rebounds, and nearly 2 blocks a game in 2021. Mitchell Robinson is looking for a payday in 2022 and it’s not likely the Knicks give him that.

With the 11th pick in the NBA draft, the Knicks have a great chance at picking an impact player. The predraft needs for the Knicks are primarily a playmaker or someone to replace Mitchell Robinson at center. This decision primarily depends on who the Knicks think they can get through trade or free agency. But for the time being, they should be looking at a playmaker in their current draft spot.

Knicks fans seem to be set on getting Jaden Ivey

Best Draft Pick for the Knicks: Johnny Davis, 6’5, combo guard

Strengths: Playmaker, can create his own shot anywhere on the court, strong defense

Weakness: Had a hard time getting to the rim against athletic defenders, tunnel vision, difficulty making the right pass in crunch time

Oklahoma City Thunder – Star power, center, shooting,

2nd, 12th, and 34th picks

A notable free agent in 2022 for the Oklahoma City Thunder is Luguentz Dort (team option). On a minimum contract, most are expecting the Thunder to exercise that option and retain Dort on the minimum contract in 2022, meaning he will more than likely play for the Thunder in 2022.

With the 2nd and 12th overall pick in the NBA draft, the Thunder are looking to fill the biggest hole on their team. A star big man. Players like Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, and Paolo Banchero can be these players for the Thunder. The Nuggets traded Jamychal Green for the Thunder’s 30th overall pick in this year’s draft. Jamychal brings solid production at the Power Forward spot on both ends. This suggests that the Thunder are going for a center in this years draft. Chet being the truest center between the top 3 picks. Along with the 2nd overall pick, the Thunder should go for a crafty shooter alongside Shai with their 12th pick

Best Draft Pick at #2 for the Thunder: Jabari Smith, 6’10 Power Forward

Strengths: Elite Shooting and Size

Weakness: Could bulk up a little bit which would help his defense and rebounding, lackluster handle

Best Draft Pick at #12 for the Thunder: Shaedon Sharpe, 6’5, Crafty shoot-first guard

Strengths: Can score on all 3 levels, athletic, has good shooting form

Weakness: Sat out 2021 college season, hard to tell how much he developed, he was streaky at times

Orlando Magic – Star power forward

1st, 32nd, and 35th picks

Notable free agents for the Orlando Magic in 2022 are Gary Harris and Mo Bamba. Gary Harris will gladly be let go by the Magic to explore his options, his whopping 21 million dollar contract will be a relief to the Magic’s books. Mo Bamba on the other hand might be something the Magic want to hold onto. After a solid 2021 season where he showcased his new 3-point shot, shooting 38% on 4 attempts a game. With Magic having the number 1 pick and it trending towards being a big man, Mo Bamba will again be on the outs on the Magic roster. After a career season and now a free agent, he is probably searching for a bigger role.

With the first pick in the draft the Orlando Magic want a star player to fill out their roster of solid role players. They have 3 big men options at the top of the draft that can be a cornerstone for their franchise for years to come. If they believe Paolo Banchero’s game can translate to the NBA, I really like this fit alongside Wendell Carter. Having a matchup nightmare shot creator is something that every NBA championship contender has on their team. Paolo Banchero would need to polish up his game, but I could easily see him becoming that player.

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Best draft pick for the Magic: Paolo Banchero, 6’10, Shot Creating Forward

Strengths: Size, Shot creating, Solid Shooting Mechanics, a Matchup nightmare

Weakness: His defense isn’t consistent and lacks lateral quickness at times

Philadelphia 76ers – Back-up center 

23rd pick

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Philadelphia 76ers are James Harden (player option), Deandre Jordan, and Paul Milsap. James Harden is likely going to opt-in to his contract as it is at a 40 million dollar evaluation and will not likely see that type of money elsewhere. Deandre and Milsap could be on the outs as they didn’t provide sufficient production for the Sixers in 2021.

Sitting at #23 the 76ers’ predraft needs fall mainly into drafting a backup big man who can spell Embiid for 15 minutes a game. A big that can bring rebounding and be the defensive anchor for the bench unit would hugely benefit the Sixers. We saw Andre Drummond filling that void before he was traded to the Nets for Harden.

Best pick available for the Sixers at #23: Walker Kessler, 7’1 Center

Strengths: Defensive Anchor, 4.6 blocks per game, Rebounding Machine, Huge

Weakness: Mobility, any shot outside of the restricted area, undisciplined, gets in foul trouble

Phoenix Suns – Solid, maybe wing depth 

No picks

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Phoenix Suns are Deandre Ayton and Javale Mcgee. With Ayton wanting to be paid and have a bigger offensive role on a team, the threat of him leaving looms over the Suns. The other big man on the roster, Javale McGee, also provided a strong output for the Suns in 2021. Time will tell if he wants one more payday or if he wants to ring chase with the Suns.

With no picks in this year’s draft, the Suns can look to trade into the draft or play the free agency game this summer. Depending on what Deandre Ayton decides to do in free agency the Suns have a well-rounded roster that doesn’t have a lot of gaps. There is a possibility that they lose their big men in free agency, so trading into the first round to grab one of the several strong big men in the lottery could prove beneficial for the Suns.

Best pick available for the Suns:

Walker Kessler, 7’1 Center

Strengths: Defensive Anchor, 4.6 blocks per game, Rebounding Machine, Huge

Weakness: Mobility, any shot outside of the restricted area, undisciplined, gets in foul trouble

Portland Trail Blazers – Forward that can shoot and defensive center

7th, 36th, and 57th picks 

Notable free agents for the Portland Trail Blazers are Anfernee Simons and Jusuf Nurkic. After a breakout season in 2021, Anfernee Simons is due for a huge payday. With no one else on the roster to pay, the Blazers should definitely attempt at retaining their rising star. Nurkic on the other hand could be let go. After the Blazers decided to take their season away, Nurkic could be on the look for a team that wants to win and will also pay him his worth.

With the 7th overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft, the Blazers’ predraft needs are plentiful. A forward that can pair alongside Nasir Little and that can shoot could definitely bolster the Blazers’ roster. 3&D forwards are becoming more and more valuable in the NBA and having multiple on your roster is the key to success.

Best Draft Pick for the Blazers: Bennedict Mathurin, 6’6, Shooting guard

Strengths: 3-point shooting, explosive, lanky

Weakness: Needs to improve shot creation and playmaking

Sacramento Kings – Strong forward

4th, 37th, and 49th picks

Notable free agents for the Sacramento Kings are Josh Jackson, Donte DiVincenzo, and Trey Lyles. All 3 players are hitting the markets this summer and each brought solid bench minutes for the Kings in 2021. Donte and Josh Jackson will be sought after to be resigned as they provide strong bench pieces who fill their roles nicely, but Lyles is looking to be expendable with the Kings landing the #4 pick.

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With the 4th overall pick in this year’s draft, the Kings are looking to fill out their roster after deciding to build around Fox and Sabonis. What they need right now is someone to pair alongside Harrison Barnes at the Small/Power Forward position. With Jaden Ivey being the clear #4 pick in this year’s draft, the Kings are in a predicament of letting him slide or picking him even though he might not fit the best alongside Fox and Davion Mitchell. If the Kings don’t move up in the draft –

Best pick available at #4 for the Kings: Keegan Murray, 6’8 Forward

Strengths: Efficient, Defensive Versatility, Floor Spacer

Weakness: Older, Not a next-level athlete.

San Antonio Spurs – 3pt shooting

9th, 20th, 25th, and 38th picks

A notable free agent in 2022 for the San Antonio Spurs is Lonnie Walker. Slowly improving year to year, Lonnie Walker is a good bench plug to provide scoring. While not super efficient, he has the tools to become a solid roleplayer in today’s NBA. Besides Lonnie, the Spurs have no other notable free agents, meaning they get to “run back” their 2021 roster.

With THREE first-round picks, including pick #9, the Spurs are looking to make a splash in this year’s draft and bring some talent around Dejounte Murray. With the emergence of Dejounte Murray as an elite playmaker he needs to be surrounded by shooters. Ranking bottom half in 3point shooting and percentage they need to bolster that aspect quickly.  They could take the Mavericks route of getting 3&D guys like Dorian Finney Smith, Reggie Bullock, Hardaway, Kleber, etc… Which would give them a strong defense and offense with Dejounte leading the charge.

Best Draft Pick at #9 for the Spurs: Shaedon Sharpe, 6’5, Crafty shoot-first guard

Strengths: Can score on all 3 levels, athletic, has good shooting form

Weakness: Sat out 2021 college season, hard to tell how much he developed, he was streaky at times

Toronto Raptors – Bench Scoring

33rd pick

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Toronto Raptors are Thaddeus Young and Chris Boucher. Thaddeus Young, the veteran power forward, will likely be taking a pay cut in 2022. While Young provides you solid output, he might not fit the Raptors’ timeline and they could look elsewhere for support to their starting lineup. Boucher will be looking to cash in on his performance over the past couple of years. The Raptors should let him flap his wings and fly away in free agency, he isn’t needed on this roster.

The Raptors only have an early second-round pick in this year’s draft. Their needs in 2022 primarily revolve around acquiring bench depth. The raptors relied heavily on their starting lineup this year, giving the least amount of minutes to their bench unit in the NBA last season (https://www.statmuse.com/nba/ask/what-nba-team-has-the-highest-scoring-bench-in-the-2022-season). This is due to the lack of scoring options off the bench, the Raptors need an offensive weapon that can take some pressure off the starting lineup.

Best Pick available for the Raptors: Bryce McGowens, Lanky 6’6 SG

Strengths: Explosiveness, Strong Scoring Capability, Shot creator

Weakness: Fairly weak, needs to get his base strength to NBA level, Defensive instincts need improvement

Utah Jazz – Team Chemistry

No picks

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Utah Jazz are Hassan Whiteside and Eric Paschall. Whiteside brought solid minutes as the backup for the 2021 Utah Jazz. Bringing Gobert-like qualities without the motor or IQ for the game. Paschall was a solid-ish bench player for the Jazz bringing inconsistent production in his minutes. Both players would be okay to lose in free agency, they were not game-changers on this roster.

With no picks in the 2022 draft, the only way the Jazz can make some noise is if they trade into it. This is entirely possible with rumors circling like vultures around Donovan Mitchell or Gobert being shipped off. There isn’t a lack of talent on the Jazz’s roster, the main predraft need for the Jazz is team chemistry. With Donovan Mitchell averaging 2.3 passes per game to Gobert, the Jazz mainly need to be friends with another (ridiculous, I know).

Best pick available for the Jazz at #11 (Theoretical Knicks pick in a Donovan Mitchell trade): Malaki Branham, 6’5 shooting guard

Strengths: Athletic, 3-level scorer (41% from 3)

Weakness: Defensive instincts are lacking, below average off-the-dribble shooting

Washington Wizards – Point Guard 

10th and 54th picks

Notable free agents in 2022 for the Washington Wizards are Bradley Beal (player option) and Thomas Bryant. Beal is on a player option and with a humongous contract, we should expect him to opt in with the Wizards for 2022.  Thomas Bryant is an interesting case for the Wizards. While he showed flashes of being a starting-level center, he has also shown a lot of flashes of not being one. If they can retain him on a mid-level contract, I think the Wizards would gladly want him to return.

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With the #10 pick in the draft, the Wizards have a good opportunity to fulfill some of their predraft needs. One of those predraft needs is, a starting point guard. After the Dinwiddie experiment failed in 2021, the roster is now comprised of superstar Bradley Beal, injury-riddled star Kristaps Porzingis, and productive role players. The missing piece to the puzzle is a pass-first point guard. I like two playmakers at this pick, TyTy Washington and Johnny Davis. Because I don’t trust that Johnny Davis is athletic enough to be a starting level guard in the NBA, at least off the bat. We chose:

The best pick available at #10 for the Wizards: TyTy Washington, a 6’3 Playmaker

Strengths: Likes to keep the ball moving, strong scoring capabilities

Weakness: Underperformed in high-level games, smaller for standard NBA-level guards


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